The following step in place the specimen in the respective media plates which are incubate for 48 hours, with a reading at 24, and at the end of the 48’s hours. If no organisms have grown, the report is released stating that. If any organisms if grown within 48 hours of incubation the next step is performed, which is the sensitivity, which is a wide range of antibiotics discs placed over the organisms grown, this step takes another 24 hours. This step is conducted so the doctors have an idea of which antibiotic gives better results over the infection the patient might have. All of these give us a turnaround time of 48 hours for those negative results, and 72 for those who might have any infection. All these tests are done on medias prepared by REMEL a long standing company in the microbiology field.


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Our testing personnel are fully licensed by the state of Florida also with more than 20 years of experience, average per head.

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